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Director: Joe Ahearne

Producer: Clapperboard Studios (The Holiday, The Teacher, Madame Blanc Mysteries, Intruder)

Cast: Charlie Murphy, James D’Arcy

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+, Adults 25-54

4 x one hour

A mystery thriller full of the labyrinthine plotting, bewildering twists and dark characters.
When Natalie Varga stands accused of murdering her husband in cold blood, disgraced investigative journalist James Alden finds himself captivated by the case.

The mystery of whether she committed the crime broadens into a darker, stranger narrative as our London setting shifts to Hungarian high society. It's a crime perfectly designed to cause a press feeding frenzy - the gruesome murder of businessman George Varga in his lavish Chelsea mansion. Varga’s British wife Natalie is chief suspect and no-one believes her alibi who is also an ex-lover. Natalie is from a tough background and has reinvented herself - neither press nor public can decide if she's remote or shy. Is she a super intelligent manipulator or a resourceful young woman, the victim of circumstance?

Her South London family have criminal connections which come back to haunt her and upend her new life. James used to be an award-winning investigative journalist years ago but his confidence was destroyed by the case he screwed up which allowed a killer to go free. Natalie sees in him the journalist he used to be and offers him redemption: the exclusive interview everyone wants if he finds out who really killed her husband. In the tradition of classic noir a key character returns from the dead and becomes pivotal to the mystery.

James is pushed to breaking point by his obsession with the woman he's trying to exonerate and until the very end we don't know whether he's right to believe her.
With the court of public opinion ruling Natalie guilty until proven innocent, can James separate the truth from the fiction?

Starring: Charlie Murphy (Halo, Peaky Blinders, Happy Valley) as Natalie Varga, and James D’Arcy (Red Election, Agent Carter, Broadchurch) as James Alden.