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Director: David McGrath

Producer: Gavin Halpin

Executive Producer: Gráinne Mc Guinness

Writer: Gráinne Mc Guinness, Claire Handley

Cast: Jack Morgan (Happy), Anna Forsythe (Duckling), Daniel Curry (Cecil), Evie Stronge (Olivia), Rose Petticrew (Frankie), James Stockdale (Daddy Flea), Isabella Fussell (Mummy Flea), Noah Waite (Boy Flea)

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Preschool

26 x 7’ (Series 1) and 26 x 1’ (supporting content)

In Happy’s world of Sunny River Community Garden, big feelings are as natural as the carrots growing in the vegetable patch. This is a world built on loving energy that nurtures all creatures. All living things here coexist in perfect balance.

Happy and his Sunny River friends reflect the emotional ups, downs and everything in between for the preschool audience. And with these characters, there’s plenty of feelings to go around. From feeling excited to feeling angry to feeling like you just need a quiet minute, the series models emotional resilience for pre-schoolers, inspiring them with the inner strength that comes from tackling big feelings and growing positive ones!

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