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Pitchee: Dee McLachlan (writer, director)

The Leotards
Jeremy loves his wife and wants to be the best husband he can be. Unfortunately for him, he just isn’t. Jeremy is a cross-dresser and this is the part of his life that his wife has not been introduced to. He inevitably gives in to the compulsion to dress as a woman and heads out for a ‘girls’ night’ with a group of friends code-named The Leotards. His experience of dressing up is intoxicating but equally traumatising for its forbidden intrusion into femininity. Then one of them, Trent, dies.

The reading of the will is a shocking revelation. Trent wants to be buried as Tracy in a lime leotard! He leaves a tsunami of confusion as he bequeaths them each US$1m if they attend his funeral dressed as Jenny (Jeremy), Ruth (Rezi) and Samantha (Sam).

This ‘thing’ they have no control over is not who they see they are – it’s just something they do occasionally, and it now threatens to derail their lives and put at risk everything they believe most important to them. Can life return to normal? No way! Wives and mothers believe the group are having affairs.

Then there’s the last supper. Their double lives must end, and this is celebrated in a final tribute dinner to their dear friend, Trent/Tracy. Instead of taking up Trent’s challenge, they commit to quit forever and live full-time in their ‘normal’ lives. Going back to their normal lives? Yeah right!

Finally, the clash of emotions as the challenge of attending the funeral impacts everyone. Who will survive the turmoil and what will the remnants look like in the aftermath? The church doors open, the choir falters, heads turn and stare at three women silhouetted by the harsh sunlight… the pastor and his entourage have arrived. Changed forever.

Project information:
Genre: Series comedy (dramedy)
Writer, director: Dee McLachlan
Producer: Veronica Sive
Development stage: Draft script for 4x26’ (can be adapted to 8x13’)
Shooting location: Presently set in Melbourne, Australia but can be set in any city as it is not location-dependent
Language: English
Budget per episode: US$380,000-450,000 per half-hour
Financing already in place: 25%

What you are looking for from the US and/or international business:
Seeking a lead development partner/platform/broadcaster to co-develop the series.

Company profile:
Writer/director Dee McLachlan has made films all over the world, from Kenya (Running Wild with Brooke Shields and Martin Sheen) and Los Angeles (The Double-O-Kid with Cory Haim and Bridget Nielson) to Sri Lanka (The Second Jungle Book with Roddy McDowall). The Jammed, written, directed and produced by Dee, was hailed by critics and received seven Australian Film Institute nominations and won Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Music at the Inside Film Awards. Her other credits include Out of the Shadows and award-winning television series Wentworth, plus feature film 2099: The Soldier Protocol.

Producer Veronica Sive began her career in New York and Los Angeles before moving to Australia. She has produced and worked on various feature films, acclaimed short dramas, factual and documentary series, plus various transmedia projects in the US, South Africa and Australia and has lead numerous international film studio development initiatives. Her other credits include 2099: The Soldier Protocol (aka The Wheel), Danger Close – The Battle of Long Tan, Blood Vessel, The Dust Walker, The Legend of Ben Hall, Earth’s Survival, The Tipping Points and That Crazy Reality Show.

Born Hungry/Tracy Films
Veronica Sive
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +61417 724 596
360c Park Street South Melbourne Vic 3205 Australia