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Pitching: Ryan Cunningham and Olivia Wingate (executive producers)

The Fugitive Game
A period drama with a contemporary tone, The Fugitive Game is set in 1916 Zurich, where the first protest art movement burst into existence at The Cabaret Voltaire.

The Dada movement, which spurred all protest art movements in it’s wake, has always been credited to a group of men, but it was a female German poet, prostitute and thief, on the run from the war, who singlehandedly willed the cabaret into existence.

Emmy Hennings’ story anchors this show. A fearless performer with a drug habit, an activist railing against the system that is rigged against her, Emmy lived 100 years before her time.

Created by Martha Swetzoff, The Fugitive Game is based on her three years of research into this world.

We’re currently in the packaging stage and are approaching named talent to attach to take on the role of Emmy Hennings. We’re also looking at directors to attach. Additionally, we’re developing a documentary companion project and will place an article by Martha Swetzoff, both to raise awareness of Emmy’s key role and to create IP we can claim.

Supporting materials:
Pilot Script

Project information:
Genre: Period drama
Created by: Martha Swetzoff
Writers: Martha Swetzoff and Christian Baker
Executive producers: Ryan Cunningham and Olivia Wingate
Development stage: Pilot episode and deck available and currently in the packaging stage
Shooting location: Location could be anywhere from French Canada to the Southern US and, of course, anywhere in Europe. Anywhere that has the gothic architecture of Zurich in 1916.
Languages: The show could be shot in any number of languages but bilingual German and English seem the most obvious choice.
Total budget: We anticipate the budget being US$2m-3.5m. We’re talking to a few parties in the US, although no financing has been confirmed at this point.

What you are looking for from the US and/or international business:
We’re looking for studio partners to join forces in the packaging of the show, to potentially underwrite a portion of the budget and together approach buyers and financiers. The ideal destination would be a global streamer, otherwise international coproduction is perfect for this global scripted drama.

Company profile:
MO Studios is a production company headed by Olivia Wingate and headquartered in New York, which focuses on developing, incubating and producing premium and cutting-edge projects aimed at a global audience. MO is dedicated to projects that entertain, provoke thought and blend drama and comedy.

MO develops in all media including TV, film, audio and theatre, shepherding projects from idea to development of materials, packaging, global pitch, sales strategy and into production. This project is a coproduction with Ryan Cunningham at Running Woman.

Olivia Wingate
Email: [email protected]