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Pitchee: Nikki Cole (creator, writer, producer)

Serpent Queen
Italy’s Catherine de’ Medici is trying to find peace and unify her new French kingdom during the most politically, religiously and artistically turbulent time in European history. Her very existence is constantly threatened because she is a non-royal, a foreigner – and a woman.

In the opening episode we find her age 20, on the verge of banishment for the inexcusable offence of barrenness after seven years of marriage. Anne Boleyn has just had her head removed in England for such an offence and Catherine is terrified.

It’s quite simple: her husband, Henry II, is passionately in love and manipulated by his former governess, the beautiful tall, blonde Diane Poitiers who has fawned over him since boyhood. Henry can’t help but ignore his short, unappealing wife.

The stakes couldn’t be higher and she must succeed. With no family or allies at court, Catherine can only rely on her own creativity. She reaches out to doctors and allies like the hidden Jewish astrologer Nostradamus, who (while busy predicting the events of the 21st century) encourages her and she concocts her plan.

Catherine goes on to bear 10 children, three of whom become kings. The Serpent Queen defies vicious assassination attempts on her family and works for peace throughout her 70 years. She is ultimately mistakenly held responsible for the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

It’s not easy doing good when you’re surrounded by assassins and betrayers. Queen Catherine has to dig deep to make dark choices she may regret for eternity.

At the heart of this series is the price you pay for doing good in a time of evil.

The Baz Lurhman-esque choreographic style of Serpent Queen emulates the motion and magic of this electrifying dancer, equestrian and psychic inventor. Think Marie Antoninette meets Trainspotting meets The Shape of Water.

Project information:
Genre/format: Historical fiction limited series
Writer, creator: Nikki (Nikila) Cole
Producers: Nikki (Nikila) Cole, Ray Sager
Partners: Little Studio Films, Los Angeles; Film Export Ltd, Italy
Development stage: Early development
Planned shooting start: Fall/winter 2021
Shooting location: TBD
Languages: English
Total budget: €3m-5m
Financing already in place: US$60,000 *RP to double check this is meant to be $

What you are looking for from the US and/or international business:
International coproduction partners, distribution and broadcasters.

Company profile:
Nikki (Nikila) Cole of Moving Visions Productions has written, produced and directed more than 15 TV series, including Ice Road Truckers and Storage Wars. As a former choreographer and dancer, she transitioned into episodic television directing The Next Step (CBBC) and the independent award-winning My Father, Joe. Her pilot script for Serpent Queen won Best TV Pilot at the Oaxaca International Film Festival and she was selected as one of 20 Producers to Watch at MipTV this year.

Ray Sager is a respected producer of long- and shortform drama for TV, feature films, and MOWs. His impressive career spans over 25 years in the Canadian and American film industries. Ray has worked on a range of critically acclaimed projects and international coproductions, including Would Be Kings, Cold Comfort, Republic of Doyle, Guns and Anne of Green Gables.

Ray works with the most current production tools and techniques, including CGI, special effects and other emerging technologies like virtual reality. The films and television he produces range from contemporary to period, from genre to sci-fi.

Moving Visions Productions Inc
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 416 949 0982