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Genres: Factual, Format, Reality
Road Diaries

ROAD DIARIES is a reality programme, which centres on the passionate, dynamic and fun world of the people using ridesharing.

In each episode three recurring drivers will drive to different destinations across the country and abroad for a specific reason but they won’t do it alone. They will share their ride with a number of strangers who have chosen to join them. Those passengers will be picked up and dropped off along the way... and their stories too...Stories that will make us laugh... cry.... believe in love at the first sight...

Road Diaries is much more than stories told inside a car, it’s an extraordinary adventure that will allow us to discover countries, cities, towns and their people. A fresh and current format that is both fun and emotive... where the stories and personalities attached to each car and its driver, fuel a totally unique program. The program could also have celebrities or comedians, as its lead drivers.

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