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Travel shows and #wanderlust social media stars spread FOMO like it’s HPV. Now thanks to discount airfare apps, any baller on a budget can snag a round trip to pretty much anywhere in the world for under $500. But when you land, one thing becomes clear; those Travel Channel hosts and social media travelers are all f-ing liars. It’s impossible to do all the things these phonies say you HAVE to do in a city during a normal 3-day vacation… especially without a trust fund. UNTIL NOW.

In each 1/2 hour episode of this close-ended series, a host and guest cohost fly into a new city around the world with only $1000 and 72 hours till their flight home. Over 2 nights & 3 days, they’ll attempt to defeat the FOMO List: 100 “must do before you die” activities that travel show, vlogs and their rich friends’ InstaStories rub in their faces and insist they must do or their vacations. These travelers will be shamed no more!

The travel buddies are competing to see who can battle sleep deprivation, a tight budget, the chaos of a foreign travel and the ticking clock to complete as much of the list as they can. If one drops out and completes less of the list, there’s a terrible punishment. We’ll follow along this crazy journey and track their progress, $$$$ and effects of no sleep on their physical & mental & emotional & spiritual stability.

2 activities on the FOMO List are ADRENALIN RUSH competitions between the travelers. These extreme challenges will give the winner extra cash to complete the FOMO list, and will give both of them an extra boost of energy for the last hours of their trip. They could be eating the spiciest ice cream on Earth, swimming with great whites, shooting rocket launchers at old Russian cars, getting your ass kicked by a sumo wrestler, a skinny dip slide off an iceberg into the Arctic ocean, human sling shot launchers and other sketchy adventures US laws are iffy about.

When it’s time to go back to the airport, the person who completed the most items on the FOMO list earns a glass of the best local booze and a first class upgrade for the flight home, while the loser must chug a liquid from the local source of the winner’s choosing and fly home in coach. If they both get less than 60% of the list, they both lose.

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