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Genres: Comedy, Entertainment, Format, Reality
Demographics: 18-30
Evil Monkeys


Throughout each episode of Evil Monkeys three celebrities wear different sensory restraints in a number of games, where one can’t see, one can’t hear and one can’t talk, forcing them to rely on each other to complete the task...

Each of the games is designed to ensure maximum slapstick comedy and features the apes as antagonists. In one game they might be rolling barrels down a slope like Donkey Kong, in another throwing bananas and papayas at the celebrities’ heads, while in another delivering electric shocks. The quicker the celebrities complete each game the more time they get in the final test – a giant assault course involving blind driving, swinging ape pendulums and a climbing tower – where they can win up to 1M YEN for charity.

As the celebrities face sensory deprivation and need to rely on each other to provide their eyes, ears and voice; will they triumph or spend the remainder of their lives as the embarrassment of the human race?

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