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Director: Rhys Graham, Justine Flynn, Nicholas Verso, Lucy Gaffy

Producer: Angie Fielder, Polly Staniford

Executive Producer: Justine Flynn, Libbie Doherty, Carla de Jong

Writer: Rhys Graham, Tristram Baumber, Mithila Gupta, Greg Waters, Jane Allen

Cast: Vrund Rao, Ved Rao, Abigail Adriano, Miah Madden, Jean Hinchliffe, Nya Cofie

Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

People: Abigail Adriano, Angie Fielder, Carla de Jong, Greg Waters, Jane Allen, Jean Hinchliffe, Justine Flynn, Libbie Doherty, Lucy Gaffy, Miah Madden, Mithila Gupta, Nicholas Verso, Nya Cofie, Polly Staniford, Rhys Graham, Tristram Baumber, Ved Rao, Vrund Rao

The Unlisted

Sinking Ship Entertainment
15 x 24 min

Twelve-year-old identical twins Dru and Kal discover that the world’s wealthiest individuals have created a secret society, named Infinity Group, which plans to impose global dominance over the world’s youth. Using high-tech electronic implants, they aspire to manipulate the world’s adolescents and have them under their ultimate control. With the help of a group of underground vigilante kids—The Unlisted—the twins realise they need to stop Infinity Group before it’s too late.

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