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Producer: Sera Film Services
Executive Producer: Sera Film Services
Writer: Sera Film Services
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Queue Up (QUP)

45’- 90’

Always unexpected, trivia questions and physical challenges Q UP is a colourful studio entertainment show for the whole family! It has never been such fun to stand in a queue before!

Do you trust your team mates? Or maybe you think that your competitors have the right answer? Queue Up is a new and highly entertaining game show where your faith in your own team is tested!
In each episode of Queue Up, three teams with four players battle it out to win a cash prize. The teams can be close friends, neighbours or families. Even your kids can join you in Queue UP! Easy and fun to play along but it helps a lot more when you know your team members– both their strengths and their weaknesses!

The rules are simple: See the category, choose the team member who might be better in answering and send him to the booth at the beginning of the queue. When the question is revealed and if you believe your team mate will know the right answer, just queue up behind their booth. But if you don’t trust your team mate, then queue up behind the player that might deliver the right answer! Discuss your strategy with your team and run! You can still earn points even more points when your team member gives a wrong answer.

With 20 seconds to decide which queue to join, there is time for some tactical play – will you fool everyone and hop to another queue at the last minute? Well, there is another catch, the team member at the booth who cannot see who queued behind them, might use a lifeline which can change all your plans unexpectedly!

QUP is a visual and fun gameshow for the whole family! Players in the queue could win big – or lose! Whatever the result is, it has never been so exciting to stand in a queue!

Broadcast Period: Turkey – TRT, 2016, 40 x 90’
Timeslot: Access Prime Time, Prime Time, available as Stripped / Weekly
Ratings: Season 1: 32% higher than the channel’ s average Season 2: 54% higher than the channel’s average

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