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Director: Bora Tekay
Producer: Mint Yapim
Executive Producer: Birol Güven
Writer: Birol Güven
Cast: Tamer Karadağlı, Pınar Altuğ
Genres: ,
Demographics: , ,
People: , , , ,
Never In Front Of The Kids - (Cocuklar Duymasin)

60’- 90’-120’

Haluk is a traditional macho guy with typical male tendencies. His wife Meltem, however, is a modern, successful, business woman and all she needs from his husband romantic gestures and him to share more with her. The fundamental differences between them cause problems even in smallest details of everyday life. Having their best friends as the complete opposite in terms of the relationship dynamics and their children as their mirror, there are opposing arguments and constant quarrels all the time. The couple decide at least not to argue in front of their kids but the kids are aware of what is going on. Even though kids have their own quarrels, they are always ready to leave their fights behind and come up new plans to keep their parents together.
Haluk and Meltem are an upper-middle class urban couple. They are married for 16 years, and they have two children. Duygu is a thirteen years old teenager, and Emre (nicknamed Carrot) is a ten years old boy. Haluk and Meltem’s personalities are quite different. Haluk is a modern looking macho an old-fashioned man, particularly when it comes to relationships and hence he calls himself a “tough guy”. Meltem on the contrary, is a self-sufficient, self-conscious idealist who desperately tries to make her marriage more romantic. She wants to try and learn new things, follow trends, comes up with sensible solution. However, she cannot share any of it with his stubborn husband.
When it comes to kids though, they are both equally sensitive. They decided never to fight in front of the kids. They continue to argue in the kitchen, when they realize the argument will heat up. Even though their disagreements reach to such a point that they consider divorce; they find ways to avoid it because although Haluk never admits, they are in love with each other, and they cannot live without one another.
The children look up to their parents. “Carrot” wants to be tough guy just like his father. He tries to imitate his father in his relationship with his sister. He, in every sense of the word, is the little Haluk. Duygu, however, resembles her mother. She is emotional and open minded. She always takes her mother’s side when her parents argue. Although the children quarrel constantly, they cooperate to make their parents stay together. Because they are well aware of the problems between their parents, although Haluk and Meltem try to hide it.
Meltem’s main problem is emotional dissatisfaction. She complains that Haluk lost his interest in the relationship and he never talks with her. For Haluk it is difficult to answer Meltem’s tricky questions and understand women in general. He hates talking after a long day of work. He just wants to know when the dinner is ready, rest on the coach and watch football in piece. Meltem expects Haluk’s attention and asks him to be a bit more romantic every once in a while, like he was before. But Haluk can’t fulfill her expectations, because he is not a “light man”.
Gönül and Selami are also a married couple, and they are Meltem and Haluk’s closest friends. In contrast to Haluk and Meltem, Gönül and Selami are in perfect harmony. Haluk calls Gönül “Mrs. Dominant”, because she is the dominant one in their relationship. Selami is a gentle, docile man who loves his wife dearly. Haluk constantly criticize his attitude towards his wife and calls him a “light man”. The comparison of these two completely opposite relationships causes many comic moments.
The show does not over look at any character or turn them into stereotypes. On the contrary, it empowers women, communication, puts value in good parenting. That is why all brands and sponsors wanted to be involved in the show, press used the episodes as when they wanted to touch a social issue or a family matter.
"Never In Front Of The Kids" is the longest running TV show in Turkey which worked as weekly, bi-weekly, daily on Turkish TV Prime Time, on 5 different channels-over 16 years for 37 seasons of 500+episodes and it is still on air! It is now available as a remake., This family friendly comedy based on the universal difference in between men and women targets all audiences. Because of the good values and positive attributes, the show has a wide range of product placement and sponsorship possibilities.
Since the show is still on air in Turkey, the set and all included production service for is also available for interested parties.

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