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Director: Şafak Bakkalbaşıoğlu – BBO Yapim
Producer: BBO
Executive Producer: Mahperi Uçar
Writer: BBO Yapim, Mahperi Uçar, Safak Bakkalbaşıoğlu
Cast: Buket Aydın
Genres: ,
People: , , , , ,


Face to face with millions, celebs take the hot seat to move up in the questions ladder. All they need to do is to fill their report card by answering questions about themselves.  So why all the fuss? 

As serious and dramatic as a quiz show, as real and personal as a reality, even more fun to watch than a celebrity magazine, 40 is a unique cross-genre program, a race against time to hear the truth first hand. It is the celebrity's duello against speculations, distorted facts, hidden secrets… It is their precious time to redeem their regrets! Can the celebs fill in their report card in the end? As they always asked for, can they be open and honest when given the chance, under right circumstances? Without dancing around the answer, without the flashes, without deciding on what could be asked to them, without the attention of their supporters or rivals, could they survive 80 minutes? 

Face to face with millions, celebs take the hot seat to move up in the questions ladder and to receive a dignified report card!

 “40” invites the famous figures from all walks of life who are repeatedly on the headlines, whom we are curious about, whom we think we know, based on what we read, watched or heard. However, when it comes to celebrities and famous figures on TV, as a viewer we know our angle is limited to someone else’s frame but we got used to entertain ourselves with what is presented to us. But we do not have all the time in the world for the famous one. We have our own sources to follow, to learn from. We are presented so many other fun things so we are easily bored when there is too much talk but no play. We are curious about what the guest would say but we have no more tolerance for anyone who talks and talks and say nothing. We prefer looking at the celebrity's videos or caps to have fun without spending more than 2 minutes.

Connecting with the new generation of viewing habits we want to be able learn as many things as possible about the celebrity, as fast and direct as possible, that is why in "40" all answers are limited to only 2 minutes. The guests cannot change the question, talk about something else or use the politic tricks to talk non-sense because that is not an option and they are not given time to do so. 

For the first time ever, instead of chasing the celebrity to be able to ask them a question, the celebrity needs to hurry and answer our question and chase the next one.

In 40, our editors with journalistic backgrounds make a detailed research on the guest from the day they were born until today. They read press, news, gossips, social media and accumulate all the inventory they find, then they dig in to read in between lines, find missing links and notice inconsistencies.  

Among 40, 10 questions are asked by experts with different point of views, 10 comes from the public either as a video question or a written one via social media. The questions are divided into 2 colors. Red and Green. Green questions are relatively easier for the guest to answer, providing a transition phase for the red ones that no one dared to ask directly before, but the speculations were out there for a long time.

360 degrees, low key lit studio, with a basic table and not very comfortable chair to sit on, without the expected cheering crowd and applause, our guest is left alone in silence with our moderator. 40 creates an atmosphere to keep the guest on their toes, giving them nowhere to hide, no cameras to act at, no signs of positive or negative feedback.

Our host is a reliable, respected anchor woman who acts as a moderator rather than a friendly or unfriendly host. She is objective and she does not comment on the guest’s answers. She is respectful, warm and welcoming but she neither supports nor criticise the guest. She is not judgemental but she is seriously after the truth.  Before the question is asked the host explains the background and the context of the question to introduce it to us and the guest. A very short heads up for what is coming next. As a journalist she has 2 extra questions to ask if she needs. When she believes something is not clear or when we have a proof of concept contradicting with the guest’s explanation she can interfere.  The celebrity guest also has some rights. They can pass the question, not ever answer it or ask the extra time they had left from the previous questions. However, when they do not answer a question, it would be a missing score in their report card. The show starts with Green questions which are about their profession, expertise or some general info to prepare the guest. In the beginning they still have their masks on as they are aware that they are on a TV show. After a while, personal questions about their childhood, family, relationships, traumas start appearing. None of the questions are sleazy or with a hidden agenda. The guest respects the level of through research and the high-quality way of asking such a daring question.

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