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Nominated for: Best Returning Format

Produced by: DMLSTV
For: TF1
Distributed by: Can't Stop Media

THE SECRET SONG is the hit entertainment format that is reaching new ratings highs all across Europe.

In each episode, several unsuspecting celebrities are invited to seat in the show’s iconic chair. Singers, actors, TV hosts, athletes and comedians, they have no idea what they’re in for.

After a clip about the details and the planning of the secret performance, the celebrity is welcome on stage by the host. It is now time for them to sit in the chair. The lights go out. Everything is in the dark except for the celebrity in the chair. The tension builds up…

Then, suddenly, the music starts playing, the lights go up, and the magic happens!

What will their reaction be when they hear the first notes of a song that means a lot to them? How will they feel when another artist that they know and love is there for an unexpected tribute? How will they react upon seeing loved ones performing on stage for the very first time?

Surprise and emotion will take over as the song plays on and the incredible surprise is unveiled in several steps, with guests coming out from different parts of the stage!

Get ready for a musical extravaganza filled with surprises, joy, tears and a whole lot of fun as the celebrities are about to get the surprise of a lifetime!