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Nominated for: Best Returning Format

Produced by: Love Productions

For: Channel 4

Distributed by: BBC Studios Distribution

This format, licensed to 35 territories world wide, sees a group of passionate amateur bakers pushed to their limits, in a bid to impress the judges and be crowned the nation’s Best Amateur Baker.

This is a feel-good competition that follows the contestants' highs and lows as they are tested on every aspect of baking, from biscuits to bread, cakes to pastry. Each week they must face three rounds: The Technical Challenge - set by one of the judges and with minimal instructions, testing their baking know-how; The Signature Bake - a chance to put their personal spin on a classic brief; and The Showstopper - a spectacular centre-piece that allows them to show off their skills.

At the end of each episode one contestant is given the honour of Star Baker, and one is eliminated, until the final when the contestant who demonstrates the most originality, skill and creativity is crowned champion.

The Great Bake Off is also available in Celebrity and Junior versions, and with sister show Extra Slice and stand-alone series Bake Off The Professionals.