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Home > Screenings > IFA 2021 - Best Host of a Format > Michael Youn - The Big Crazy Game Night

Nominated for: Best Host of a Format 2021

Produced by: WeMake / Béli Productions / Makayel
For: M6
Distributed by: WeMake

The Big Crazy Game Night is a fun and wacky prime time entertainment filled with zany games, funny sketches and hilarious parodies. Two teams of celebrities face off in a selection of the show’s games: Twisted Singalong, Laugh Detector, Quick Quick Knock Knock, Poker Face and many more… When a team wins, it gets - or keeps - the trophy. When all games have been played, the team that doesn’t have the trophy is eliminated, and each member of the team will have to endure a punishment: a hilarious but awkward farewell performance. After a crazy semi-final and a never seen before endgame, the winning celebrity will earn free air time on the channel.