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Home > Screenings > IFA 2021 - Best Host of a Format > Jane Lynch - Weakest Link (USA)

Nominated for: Best Host of a Format 2021

Produced by: BBC Studios Los Angeles
For: NBC
Distributed by: BBC Studios Distribution

This iconic gameshow sees eight contestants work together to answer questions against the clock and bank as much money as possible across seven rounds. With a jackpot potential of up to $1,000,000, this format provides the ultimate edge of your seat, family play-along.

Taking it in turns to answer questions posed by the show’s acerbic host, contestants must work tactically, as each correct answer moves the team further up the money ladder. But a wrong answer will take them right back to zero. To secure the biggest amount of money in the jackpot fund possible, players must decide whether to safely lock cash into the jackpot by calling “bank” after a correct answer of their own, or to trust the next contestant in line to get their question right too, taking another step up the money ladder. Each time a question is incorrectly answered, the team plummets back down to zero on the ladder and must start building up the funds again.

At the end of each round, contestants must vote for the player who they believe is letting down the team – and the person with the most votes is the Weakest Link, leaving via the ‘Tunnel of Shame’.

When just two contestants remain for the final, it’s a tense head to head battle for the jackpot. Facing five questions each, the contestant who gives the most correct answers wins the entire jackpot. In the event of a tie it’s a penalty shoot out - the first to answer incorrectly is out.

Fun, humorous and, at times, ruthless, each episode plays out like a mini soap opera, with its own unique narrative surrounding that particular cast.

It’s a gameshow that’s perfect for regular contestants, celebrity guests and specials such as ‘family at war’, ‘puppet special’ and ‘sports stars special’.

With its iconic host, set and catchphrase, Weakest Link is an instantly identifiable format loved all over the world and now licensed to 46 countries.