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Nominated for: Best Factual Entertainment Format 2021

Produced by: Shine TV
For: Channel 4
Distributed by: Banijay Rights

Imagine not being able to read a text message, the destination of a train, or use the internet. Over eight million people in Britain wake up to that reality every day.

The Write Offs, an uplifting new two-part series hosted by Sandi Toksvig explores Britain’s staggeringly low adult literacy rates and offer a group of adults – aged from 22 to 66 years old – a lifechanging opportunity to overcome the one thing that has always held them back.

The eight adults, all of whom lack the basic skills necessary for many everyday situations, have different personal motivations for wanting to improve their literacy. From the 66-year-old town crier who hopes to write a letter to the young mum who just wants to help her kids with their homework, all the contributors are united in their quest to shed the shame and lift the stigma around illiteracy.

Each adult will receive one-to-one tuition over a 16 week period and then every month Sandi gathers the group to face a challenge that will put their new found reading, writing and spelling skills to the test. All their hard work finishes with an emotional final test held in front of an audience of family, friends and teachers.