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Nominated for: Best Comedy Format 2021

Produced by: Asahi Broadcasting TV Corporation and NBCUniversal Formats
For: ABC Japan
Distributed by: NBCUniversal Formats

Unsuspecting workers sit down at their desks to find themselves the star of a gameshow, needing to perform a series of challenges to win a life changing amount of money. The catch? No one in the office can know what they’re up to. In each episode the contestants have to pass through three rounds to build up their money total, whilst celebrity guests comment on how they think they are doing. If they fail to complete the challenge, they are eliminated. If they are confronted by a colleague, the host will decide if they’ve been rumbled and be eliminated. The challenges get increasingly difficult, and more embarrassing, and can range from photocopying different body parts to standing on the boss’s desk. If each contestant succeeds in the final challenge, they will walk away with $10,000.