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Pitchees: Chaim Sharir (producer), Yossi Madmoni (writer), Hadas Yaron

She Has No Shame
This is the story of a woman who, in an obsessive attempt to escape herself, pretends to be the secret mistress of recently deceased men, in order to win a portion of their inheritance. A woman, tears pouring down her cheeks, stands quietly beside the deceased’s family. None of his family or friends know her. She shows up at the mourning family’s place too, her silent presence leading the family to understand that she is their dead father’s secret mistress.

Having mastered all the intimate details of his life, she is generally convincing and inspires their trust. She fits like a glove. She has no shame. These situations usually culminate with a sum paid to her by the family, in order to prevent any shame or embarrassment for the new widow. But what happens when she meets a family who, instead of shirking away, embraces her like she’s their long-lost sister?

This is the heart of the first seasonal story – a routine sting operation that takes a turn through the loving embrace the heroine receives from a family she had originally planned to extort. This embrace knocks her off her regular path, sending her right into the warm bosom of this family.

Throughout the series, in a carnival of errors and switched identities, Victoria will break this family apart, while the demons inside her, which compel her to recreate herself again and again, come to light.

Project Information:
Genre: Dramedy
Format: 8x45’ each
Writer: Yossi Madmoni
Director: TBC
Producer: Chaim Sharir and Mosh Danon
Partners: TBC
Development stage: Bible
Planned shooting start:TBC
Shooting location: Israel/International
Languages: Hebrew (Israel)
Total budget: €2.6m
Budget per episode: €325,000
Financing already in place: €1.23m (47%)

Looking for from the International Business:
Partners to complete the required budget

Company profile:
Drama Team is a leading content player specialising in locating, developing and producing high-quality drama series for the wide audience of the global market.

Drama Team was founded by leading producers Mosh Danon of Inosan Productions and Chaim Sharir of Yezirah Ivrit. It specialises in producing international TV series including the Israeli and US version of Hostages, which won the Golden Nymph at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival for Best International TV Drama. Other highly acknowledged series include In Treatment, which was adapted by HBO and broadcast in more than 10 other territories; Mythological X, which was adapted by CBS; and Minimum Wage, which was awarded the Best Drama Series award by the Israeli Academy of Film Television, while a remake option was sold into the US and UK.

Drama Team’s standing in the international market has grown extensively. Following the production of The Grave, a mystery-suspense drama series coproduced with Federation International (France) and Keshet (Israel), a Canneseries 2020 official selection. The company coproduce new shows with European companies, distributors and broadcasters. Among them are What Happened In Oslo, a suspense drama series in coproduction with Monster Productions, Norway and Netflix; Jerusalem, a crime drama series coproduced with ITV (UK) and Hot (Israel); and Blackspace a crime drama in coproduction with Federation International and Reshet (Israel).

E: [email protected]