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Pitchee: Barry Ryan (producer)

Never The Bride
Living in the spooky North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby, home to the Dracula Museum and often known as ‘goth central,’ Brenda & Effie are unusual friends.

Brenda, the former runaway bride of Frankenstein’s monster, is alive and well and running a bed and breakfast called the Spare Parts. Next door is the never-open, eternally dusty antique shop run by Brenda’s best friend Effie, the last in a long line of witches

And that huge hole in the Earth they call Bitches Maw is not just an archeological wonder, it’s the gateway to Hell. And at the end of our pilot, Brenda and Effie learn that their friendship is no accident and that their job is to protect the world from what can and will come down through Bitches Maw.

Project Information:
Genre: Drama/Supernatural
Format: 60'
Writer: Abel Diaz
Director: TBC
Producers: Barry Ryan and David Walton
Partners: Under discussion
Development stage: Script
Planned shooting start:TBC
Shooting location: Whitby, North Yorkshire, England
Languages: English
Total budget: Budget is script dependent, so is under construction
Budget per episode: Budget is script dependent, so is under construction
Financing already in place: Financing is script dependent, so is under construction

Looking for from the International Business:
We are looking for production partner for rest-of-world and a commissioning broadcaster.

Company profile:
Free@Last TV is an independent scripted television production company established in 2001 in London by Barry Ryan and David Walton.

We have produced over 500 hours of television for a range of broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Sky, UKTV and Channel 4, across a range of genres.

Our flagship drama, Agatha Raisin, was first broadcast as a one-off Christmas special on Sky One on Boxing Day 2014 before being picked up to series, airing in 2016. The series was relaunched in TV movie format in 2018 by Acorn TV in the US and the fourth season is about to start production post-Covid in the UK.

Singularly dedicated to scripted since 2017, Free@Last TV has a broad range of dramas on our slate, including biopics (Lonely Boy – The Benny Hill Story), prequels (First Frost) and original content (Deadbeat Dads), alongside our collection of intellectual properties such as Daphne du Maurier’s The Flight of the Falcon, Perlman, based on the Glasgow novels by Campbell Armstrong, and the Classic Crime Club book series published by HarperCollins.

E: [email protected]