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Pitchees: Shoshana McCallum, Dan Musgrove (writers)

All Of Me
Lauren is putting the final touches to her plan to kill herself when her brother announces he’s getting married and he wants her to be his best man. To her horror, she realises she’s actually loved and needed. Not wanting to break his heart, she’s determined to find a work-around.

So when Lauren’s colleague at the zoo shows her a discarded cloning machine he’s secretly put back together, she thinks she’s found a solution. Clone herself a replacement and then end her life without anyone knowing. It seems like the perfect, guilt-free exit strategy.

But in a series of unpredictable twists and turns, Lauren winds up with three clones – at least two clones too many as far as her switcheroo suicide plan goes.

As Lauren keeps tidying up loose ends, her clones create more mess. Forced to take care of this multi-clone problem is like looking in a mirror that won’t shut up. With three different versions of herself asking her why she’s in so much pain, Lauren must confront the parts of herself that have been easier to ignore. To make matters worse, through her clones, Lauren starts to see how the people in her life love her – an unwelcome complication for someone who wants to end it all.

All of Me is a darkly comedic exploration of the most complex relationship we have in life: our relationship with ourselves. It’s not just another clone show. The series focuses on a truthful look at Lauren’s mental health issues through confrontations with multiple versions of herself.

Project Information:
Genre: Dark Comedy
Format: 8x30’
Writers: Shoshana McCallum, Dan Musgrove, Natalie Medlock
Director: Peter Salmon
Producer: Peter Salmon
Partners: Development support has been provided by New Zealand funding bodies NZ on Air and the NZ Film Commission
Development stage: Pilot script and bible, including season arc, available
Planned shooting start:N/A
Shooting location: Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Languages: English
Total budget: NZ$10m (£5,165m)
Budget per episode: NZ$1.25m (£645,000)
Financing already in place: Currently development only

Looking for from the International Business: We are seeking an international coproduction partner and potential broadcasters. NZ state funding schemes incentivise international partnerships with commitments to match funding from offshore investors. The New Zealand Screen Production Grant for NZ Productions is part of the government’s screen incentives scheme. Eligible productions can access a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of the budget.

Company profile:
Floating Boy is an innovative screen production company based in Auckland, Aotearoa. Its aim is to create surprising, meaningful, world-class television and film for a local and international audience. With a focus on iconic characters, curious worlds, genre-smashing narratives and fresh perspectives, Floating Boy is committed to telling stories that reflect our rapidly changing world, champion diversity, and give people the feels.

Company director Peter Salmon is an acclaimed director and producer, with 20 years of experience in network, cable and premium television drama. He is well known for his work on Australian shows such as The Heart Guy, Rake, Mystic, The Beautiful Lie, Secrets & Lies, Offspring and Nowhere Boys. Peter directed the second series of the acclaimed thriller/comedy Wanted for Netflix, which earned him a NZ TV Award for Best Director. In 2018, he produced the third series of Wanted in South Australia.

E: [email protected]
T: +6421 347488