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Producer: 9 Story Entertainment
Genres: Comedy
Demographics: Children
Shows: The 3 Amigonauts
Companies: 9 Story Entertainment
The 3 Amigonauts

52 x 11 Mins

One fateful Tuesday, when all looked doomed and the last ray of hope had faded, a trio of buddies named Herby, Kirby and Burt stepped up and prevented the Universe’s certain demise (they were actually just trying to fix their neighborhood Slushie machine). As a reward, the Emperor of ‘Oober-Doober’, the planet the Amigos call home, awarded the unlikely heroes their own space cruiser. Along with the ship came honorary Space Cadet status at the ‘Oober-Doober Space Academy’, an elite school run by Kirby's uncle, Colonel Cork.

Herby, Kirby and Burt are always up for new and exciting exploring missions. Whether searching for the universe’s biggest, most surfable waves or scouring the galaxy for the sourest Solar Slushie, no task is too big or too small. Of course, adventures come with their share of obstacles. The Amigonauts never know when Colonel Cork will assign them space homework, space pirates will steal their last pair of clean undies, or bratty triplets will hijack their space cruiser to host a fancy space tea party!

And then there’s Donnie DeWayne. Donnie’s the star Cadet at ‘Oober-Doober Space Academy’, and he intends to keep it that way by constantly trying to thwart the Amigonauts’ missions. He may be the Universe’s most annoying party pooper, but it takes heck of a lot to poop on an Amigonaut party!

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