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Director: Brad Ferguson
Producer: 9 Story Entertainment
Writer: Noah Z. Jones
Cast: Sean Cullen, Linda Kash, Robert Tinkler
Genres: Children’s
Demographics: Children, Female, Male
People: Brad Ferguson, Linda Kash, Noah Z. Jones, Robert Tinkler, Sean Cullen
Shows: Almost Naked Animals
Companies: 9 Story Entertainment
Almost Naked Animals

40 x 30 Mins

Welcome to the Banana Cabana! Run by a bunch of free-spirited underwear-clad animals and led by Howie, the fun-loving, hospitality-challenged canine manager, the Banana Cabana is a beachfront resort hotel, and home to mayhem, destruction and all around fun!

Keeping everything running smoothly at a busy hotel is a tough job, but it helps when you have friends, even accident prone ones.

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