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Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Preschool

Donkey Hodie

9 Story Distribution International
80 x 11 mins

Donkey Hodie wakes up each morning with her ears and signature magenta mohawk perked up, her eyes wide open, and her determination dialed up to an 11. She’s a curious, sincere, resilient, and charming young go-getter who is beloved by her neighbours in Someplace Else because she is something else. She often bursts out of her windmill with a fresh goal for the day and a hee-haw!

Donkey Hodie lives in the land of Someplace Else where everyone dreams big – clouds can talk, pandas are purple, and Donkey spends her days pursuing her ambitions with gusto. Donkey and her friends will help young viewers navigate the frustrations and challenges of childhood, with character-driven stories full of adventure and imagination.

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