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9 Story Distribution International

Company Overview

From development right through to licensing, 9 Story Media Group is one of the world’s leading kids and family content companies. Our award-winning animation studio, Brown Bag Films, is 100% creatively driven with a focus on producing the highest quality cross-platform content with strong stories and engaging characters. The company’s international distribution arm, 9 Story Distribution International, represents over 4,100 half-hours of animated and live-action programming, which can be viewed on major international broadcast and digital platforms. Our in-house consumer products division, 9 Story Brands, builds global entertainment children’s brands, with expertise across creative, brand... READ MORE

Programming Profile

Wiseman gets animated about 9 Story's new slate

Alix Wiseman, senior VP of distribution and acquisitions at Toronto’s 9 Story Media Group, has a slate of new shows on her C21 Digital Screenings playlist and says the company’s production schedule hasn’t been hit too hard by the coronavirus pandemic.


Canadian production and distribution company 9 Story Media Group produces a mixture of live-action and animated content for young audiences.


Luckily, the Toronto-based studio didn’t have any live-action projects in production when the coronavirus outbreak started impacting filming around the world, while it had also begun looking into moving some of its staff to work from home about a year before the crisis hit, according to senior VP of distribution and acquisitions Alix Wiseman.


This means it hasn’t had to postpone production of any live-action shows, while its animated programmes can continue to be produced by staff at home. Consequently, 9 Story’s C21 Screenings playlist comprises shows that are ready to go.



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