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Director: Lyndy Saville

Producer: Dominic Saville

Executive Producer: Dominic Saville

Cast: Ian Nathan, Dr Bonnie Greer OBE

Genres: Documentary, Factual


Filmed on location at the Imperial War Museum Duxford and Imperial War Museum Churchill War Rooms. Hosted by Author and Empire co-editor Ian Nathan and Author & Journalist Dr Bonnie Greer OBE, with contributions from Film Critic Derek Malcom and Daily Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer.

World War II and Cinema are inextricably linked. It was the first time that the film industry had to tackle a conflict as it was being fought. Films were made to boost public morale, and as a highly effective form of propaganda. Despite the dangers of bombings, cinema attendance actually rose during the war years, as the public looked for any chance to escape the harsh realities of the time. And long after the war’s end, directors have continued to return to the subject, to the point where so much of the conflict has been brought to the big screen; the horrors, and the heroism; the great battles, and the incredible personal stories. World War II, is a genre of film all to itself.

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