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Home > Screenings > 3DD > Tomb Raiders: Art of the Silk Road & Tang Dynasty

Director: Edward Cotterill, Hunag Tao

Producer: Edward Cotterill, Sun Jie

Executive Producer: Jennifer Bentley, Zhao Xiaomo

Cast: Yi Chen, Dr James Lin, Prof. James McCausland

Genres: Documentary, Entertainment, Factual


A 3DD Production in association with Shaanxi TV 1x60.

In the 1960s, archaeologists working in China made an extraordinary discovery. They unsealed the twelve-hundred-year-old tomb of a princess. Its walls were covered in magnificent murals - an unprecedented glimpse into life during the Tang dynasty. This documentary tells the fascinating story of the great Empire that made those murals, of the Silk Road that connected it to the world, and of the rebellions and disasters that brought the dynasty crashing down.

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