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Director: Lyndy Saville

Producer: Lyndy Saville

Executive Producer: Dominic Saville

Genres: Documentary, Factual


This series tells the compelling story of the Vietnam War, from the country’s dynastic history, the impact of Christian missionaries & French colonialism, Japan’s invasion during WWII and the rise of Ho Chi Minh. How the USA’s fear of communism started a relentless sequence of events that caused American troops to go in under President Kennedy in 1961, escalating under Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 when the nation found itself entwined in a war fought nightly on TV engendering a huge anti-war movement. By 1973 Nixon had resigned and America was forced to withdraw from Saigon on April 30th 1975.

Vietnam’s early history, its people, dynastic struggles and invasions. The French, the Japanese in WWII and the rise of communism in 1941. The emergence of Ho Chi Minh, nationalism into communism. The effect of the domino theory, JFK’s assassination and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The US were drawn into bloody conflict.

After early domination through Operation Thunder, three years of B52 raids, napalm and Agent Orange drops. In 1968 the Vietcong Tet Offensive turned the tide, the TV war began in full, anti-war demos, the Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinations and My Lai massacre the war was now being shown on the nightly news for the first time. Over half a million US troops are deployed.

In 1972 Nixon orders the majority of US troops back. In 1974, after Watergate, he resigns. The US embassy is evacuated on April 30th 1975. In Vietnam the South face a backlash from the North and US veterans face dishonour and neglect back home. Today Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer, still ruled by a communist government and moving at the pace of China.

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