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Home > Screenings > 3DD > The Story of British Cinema - The Pioneer Years

Director: Lyndy Saville

Producer: Lyndy Saville

Executive Producer: Jack Oliver, Dominic Saville

Writer: Ian Nathan, Cal Seville

Cast: Ian Nathan, Neil Norman, Derek Malcolm, Stephen Armstrong

Genres: Documentary, Factual


A 3DD Production in association with Sky Arts 1x90’.

The long and marvellous history of British cinema is one of varied and adventurous filmmaking. Yes there is something distinctly homegrown, something tangibly British, but it is a happy breed that contains multitudes: comedies, romances, social dramas, thrillers, epics, musicals, and more. Every genre, in fact.

It is a far more varied world than you would imagine and features the work of some of greatest directors the medium has ever produced. Alfred Hitchcock. David Lean. Carol Reed. The kaleidoscopic duo of Powell & Pressburger. A world dominated by de facto studios and their idiosyncratic moguls who put British film onto a world stage.
Cecil Hepworth. Alexander Korda. Michael Balcon. J. Arthur Rank.

The very concept of a British film is wonderfully elusive, changing with the times, pioneering new directions, and giving us some of the finest movies ever made.

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