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Home > Screenings > 3DD > Princess Diana: Who Do You Think She Was? A Tale of The Spencer Ancestors

Director: Lyndy Saville

Producer: Isaac Zamet

Executive Producer: Dominic Saville

Genres: Documentary, Factual


We know how the story ends. But how did it all begin? Who was Diana before the palace, before the paparazzi?

Behind the modern legend that is ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ lie many other stories – in her childhood and in her family’s past. For, long before she was a Royal, she was a Spencer.

Contributors include: Sarah Gristwood, Bestselling Tudor biographer & commentator on royal matters Dr Anna Whitelock, historian & author, director of Centre for the Study of Modern Monarchy Dr Luke Blaxill, historian, University of Oxford Dr Joanna Lewis, historian, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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