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Director: Dominic Saville

Producer: Dominic Saville

Executive Producer: Patricia Hickey

Genres: Documentary, Factual


Across the world, mysterious unsolved disappearances have been part of our history. Unsolved crimes, lost in in the sea, kidnapping, Lords, Prime Ministers, Union Bosses, Judges, heroes of WW2, to heroic mountain climbers, journalist photographers and activist writers. These stories grab the attention of audiences drawn to human drama, massive news profiles, and man hunts. Then as time goes by the worst fears, and a new clue arrives which keeps the investigation and the news machine going, until the story becomes part of mythology and history. In this series we will explore events leading up to that fateful day. Cases, many of which are still with out explanation, human remains, or perpetrators found guilty of any crimes. Each episode will retell the story of the characters and the events leading up to the disappearance, and the backdrop of the era and the people involved. We will interview today’s experts who will take us through the cases, explore all the evidence and the tracks followed. What did they miss? The dead ends, the small pieces of evidence, that with today’s technology could have helped solve the mystery.

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