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Home > Screenings > 3DD > Hitler's Putsch. 1923 - The Birth of the Nazi Party

Director: Dominic Saville, Lyndy Saville

Producer: Dominic Saville, Lyndy Saville

Executive Producer: Patricia Hickey

Writer: William Simpson

Cast: Giles Milton, Sir Richard Evans, Clare Mulley, Nicholas O’Shaughnessy, Klaus Schmider

Genres: Documentary, Factual


The night of November 8, 1923, is arguably the most significant and transformative in the history of the twentieth century.

A localised uprising in the Bavarian capital of Munich, led by a small man with a toothbrush moustache and a poisonous yet compelling grandiloquence, would have repercussions that would lead to the political shackling of an entire nation, the most abhorrent crimes of the century and a world war.
You might say, Adolf Hitler came of age amid the smell of sweat and sawdust of a Munich beer hall.

In the political chaos of 1923, he was a local irritant, gaining popularity among workers and soldiers, the ethos of his Nazi Party spreading like a virus. His first attempt at attaining true power came with an attempted putsch on the already separatist government of Bavaria, which left him imprisoned.

Across a 60-minute documentary, divided into four distinct parts, this is the gripping story of how one turbulent night changed the world. This is history in microcosm, with the tension of a thriller, and repercussions that echo to this day. A night that ended in failure and disarray became the foundation stone for a revolution that would bring this radical rabblerouser supreme power.

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