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Director: Edward Cotterill

Producer: Edward Cotterill

Genres: Documentary, Factual


Filming in Netherlands and London this one hour special commemorating 70 years since Anne Frank’s death, includes Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s Step Sister and survivor from Auschwitz, Gillian Walnes who runs the Anne Frank Trust in the UK and Ronald Leopold Director of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank and her family moved to Amsterdam following the uprising of the Nazi Party in 1933. Five Years later, in 1938, Eva Schloss remembers the Nazis marching on Austria and then her family fleeing and settling in Amsterdam the same year. They found they were in the same residential square as Anne and her family. Anne and Eva although mixed in different circles found a bond from the shared experience of being displaced by the Nazis.

This was the beginning of an extraordinary story where Eva would become inextricably linked to Anne Frank and her legacy over the next 70 years. Both Eva and Anne’s family had to go into hiding from the Nazi’s, both were betrayed at different times, caught and sent to concentration camps. Eva would survive her dreadful experience in Auschwitz. Anne tragically died shortly before the Belsen Camp was liberated in March 1945.

Anne’s father Otto, and Eva’s mother Elfriede survived. They both lost their partners and other children. The Diary was discovered shortly after the war and published in 1947. Elfriede and Otto became closer, offering each other emotional support. In 1953 Otto and Elfriede married.

Eva would be one of the first people to hear Otto read extracts from the Diary, a feat which he couldn’t manage to do without breaking down into tears. Otto became a surrogate father to Eva helping her find a vocation in photography. Eva witnessed first hand the publication and dramatization of the Diary of Anne Frank. Eva would find herself more and more involved in the Anne Frank Foundation set up by Otto in 1963. In 1989 she set up the Anne Frank Trust UK which aimed to share the message of the Anne Frank foundation to challenge prejudice and hatred.

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