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Director: Edward Cotterill

Producer: Edward Cotterill

Executive Producer: Dominic Saville

Genres: Documentary, Factual


Filmed in Vermont, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, this documentary includes contributions from Dorothy Cochrane (Curator of Aviation at the National Air and Space Museum) and Ric Gillespie (Director of TIGHAR, a group still hunting for Earhart’s remains).

The documentary also features in-depth and personal insight from the niece of Amelia and daughter of Muriel, Amy Kleppner
One pilot which embodied female aviation endeavours was Amelia Earhart. Amelia and her sister Muriel grew up in a society which was changing. Women were beginning to demand their rights and aeronautics was one of the areas where women could flourish, as flight was in its infancy and didn't have a long history of male dominance.

From the first moment she was airbourne, Amelia was hooked and through sheer drive and determination, she would become one of the most recognisable aviators in history. Although the two sisters led extremely different lives, both were codependent on each other for their unflinching sibling support.

To this day, many are still trying to solve the puzzle of what actually happened to Amelia. Countless theories have been explored, but still her disappearance is an open ended mystery. Known to Muriel as “A.E.”, Amelia had a champion in her younger sister; she would become instrumental in keeping Amelia’s memory alive. This is a role which Muriel’s daughter Amy Kleppner would continue after her death.

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