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2x2 TV Channel

Programming Profile

2x2 multiplies adult animation output


Russian broadcaster 2×2, part of the GPM-ETV family, is doubling down on adult animation and has plenty of its own productions to showcase via the C21 Digital Screenings.


Russian TV station 2×2 predominantly broadcasts adult animation that is produced both in-house and abroad, targeting its shows at men aged 14 to 44.


Part of Gazprom Media-owned GPM-ETV, 2×2 airs more than 200 animated series, gameshows and feature films. In 2016, 2×2 launched its own animation studio which produces around one hour of animation per week, 4,000 minutes per year.


Foreign shows on 2×2 include US hits like The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama in primetime and Rick & Morty, South Park and BoJack Horseman in late-night programming blocks.


The Suspicious Owl
The Suspicious Owl

One of the biggest of 2×2’s own productions is The Suspicious Owl. The hit show has been running on the channel for four years and is included in the company’s C21 Digital Screenings playlist this week. The Suspicious Owl is an action series about an owl detective who works to fight injustice and defeat criminals with absurd and black humour.


The show is joined in 2×2’s playlist by nine others, including Doctor Psy, a comedy about a psychologist who invents a device that allows him to dive into the consciousnesses of his patients.


Other shows in its Digital Screenings include:
Junkfood Mafia, an animated show set in the city of PetersBurger where the chief of police is a doughnut and the mafia is headed up by Don Hamburger.

Junkfood Mafia
Junkfood Mafia

Last Trash Days, a new environmental show with an additional interactive platform on its website. The show is set during an ecological apocalypse where a plastic straw, plastic bag and styrofoam turn into a boat and go on a dangerous journey to the magical plastic island.
Look Out, Earthlings! is a popular show about aliens who descend on a dysfunctional family and learn about each other’s strange habits.
• Paranormal comedy Nowhereland is set in a mysterious city where the toothfairy is a gangster with homeless people and talented musicians.
The Pack 2 tells a story about superheroes with stupid superpowers who have to defeat the planet after real heroes tragically die.
Trip Simulator is a non-animated show about geek places in Europe and Russia. The show is stylised as a video game from POV with special effects.


Family Pole is a sitcom about an ordinary Russian family living in the North Pole with talking bears and foreign neighbours.
Alive Within is a sitcom about the only human who remained alive after a zombie apocalypse. Along with Family Pole it has been sold internationally by ViacomCBS-owned networks in 16 territories.


Dennis Vsesvyatsky, 2×2

According to Dennis Vsesvyatsky, CEO of 2×2, most of the shows in the company’s playlist are either finished and immediately available to buy or will be finished this autumn. As far as suitable buyers are concerned, Vsesvyatsky points out that 2×2 is targeting those that broadcast a wide library of content.


“We understand that adult animation is a very specific art form that is suitable for a narrow target audience. However, in recent years, adult animation has experienced a huge growth in popularity around the world. Shows like Rick & Morty are becoming cultural phenomena and are more successful than non-animated shows.”


“There is a cultural tendency in the whole world to escape from typical adult reality into the world of fantasy. Also there is a stronger identification with animated characters than with real actors because they are more abstract. Animated shows like BoJack Horseman develop our emotional intellect and raise important social subjects that would be not appropriate for any non-animated show.”


The chief exec adds that 2×2 is looking for coproduction partners for future adult animation projects, including international companies. 2×2 Animation Studio is already planning to launch at least one international production facility in 2021.