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Director: Evgenii Ognev, Maxim Konishev

Producer: Anna Moriakova

Executive Producer: Evgenii Ognev

Writer: Evgenii Ognev

Cast: Maxim Konishev

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

Season 1: 12x22' 2020 | Season 2: 12x22' 2021

After his father left the family, a teenager moves into small town together with his mother. It turns out the town is filled with paranormal occurrences, and there are mystic creatures among local people. The new boy hast to find out the mysteries in Nowhereland, find new friends and get over his father treason.

«This town is full of hellish stuff, and I’ll be a perfect fool if I turned this adventure down.»