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Director: Anastasia Martianova

Producer: Anna Moriakova, Kirill Danilchenko

Writer: Evgenii Lazukin

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

Season 1: 12х22` 2019 | Season 2: 15х22` 2020 | Season 3: 13x22` 2020

The glorious city of Petersburger is captured by mafia. The Chief of the Police is a Donut. The head of the clan of junk food is Omnivorous Don Hamburger. There was no place for healthy food, and it had to leave to the ghetto forever.
This could have lasted infinitely, but death old Hot Dog told his son the horrific truth that has changed everything. Now the young Hot-Dog, must wriggle into the mafia's circle of trust and solve the case, on which his fate and the future of all Petersburgers depend.
«Eat at pleasure, kill with measure»
«Fastfood kills»