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Director: Kirill Semiletov

Producer: Olga Obogoeva

Executive Producer: Nina Kruglova

Writer: Nikita Kostitsin, Kirill Semiletov, Shota Arabuli, Vladislav Rijih, Artem Atrushkevich, Evgenii Smirnov, Stepan Oleinik

Cast: Denis Nekrasov, Anastasia Lapina, Aleksandr Matveev

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

Season 1: 24x22’ 2018

Imagine a Russian scientist who goes to live at the North Pole with his family. And now imagine that Americans live nearby. And the Chinese. And Germans. And Turks. And Jews. And a large anthropomorphic talking bear whose name is Basil. A very ordinary TV show about a very ordinary Russian family.