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Director: Anastasia Vornikova, Alla Popova

Producer: Anna Moriakova, Kirill Danilchenko

Writer: Vladimir Fomin

Genres: Animation, Comedy

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

Season 1: 15х22` 2019 | Season 2: 15х22` 2020

Cynical and spiteful Konstantin Khan hides his dangerous experiments behind the post of professor in the department of psychology. With the help of unique device, he is able to plunge into the consciousness of people, and travel through their fantasies, illusions and nightmares. But he performs experiments not just for fun or scientific discoveries: he is looking for some mysterious artifact. None of his team knows about this. But it doesn’t matter anyway, since each dive in the patient’s brain is a fantastic analysis of a real psychological problem in an accessible animated form.
"Doctor PSY" is more than just an animated series. On the example of its heroes, the series helps us accept ourselves, overcome fears and understand what the root of personal problems of each of us really lies in.
«Human consciousness has evolved 2 million years. Try not to smash it up in 15 minutes.»
«There are things that it’s better not to get into even if you don’t know how to deal with them.»