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Director: Antonio Lukich

Producer: Anna Tkachenko

Executive Producer: Anghela Sokol, Yevhenіy Honcharenko

Writer: Yevhenіya Babenko, Pavlo Ostrіkov

Cast: Hanna Yarmolenko, Andrew Maximov, Karyna Cherchevych, Vіtalіy Zeleniy, Sonya Slyusarenko, Lyubava Shoklya, Hrihorіy Naumov, Alex Yatsenko, Yura Reks, Roland Mishko, Andrіy Kosenko

Genres: Comedy, Drama

20-25 min

SEX, INSTA AND ZNO* (SIZ) is a teen-dramedy that includes 12 episodes 20-25 minutes each. This is the first-ever Ukrainian non-TV series developed specifically for an online platform and is available for online watching only. The series has no censorship and has a bold way of addressing such teenage issues as self-identification, sex education, bullying, as well as preparation for exams and complicated relationships. The creative team of the series aimed to show a story in which every Ukrainian teenager recognizes himself. The cast of the series is full of extraordinary and non-perfect (real) types of actors. This is the 1+1 media original TV series, created and produced by 1+1 media specifically for 1+1 video.

*ZNO (in Ukraine) – final tests at school

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