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Producer: IQ Production (, TET TV Chanel (1+1 Media,

Genres: Comedy, Telenovela

40/25 minutes

The main heroes, young Roma and Yulia, fell in love with each other and were going to get married, but when their parents met, it turned out that their fathers were long-standing bitter enemies. For the sake of the children’s happiness, their fathers are ready to bury the hatchet and celebrate a wedding soon. But how can they do it in time when a “circular firing squad” is involved in organising the wedding? The first season, 20 episodes, shows 20 days before the wedding. Each episode shows the events of one day before the wedding, from the moment the young people decided to get married.

Head of Programming Rights at Sales Department: Inna Filippova, [email protected]
Head of TET Channel: Oksana Petryshyn, [email protected]
Creative Producer of TET TV Channel: Roman Lukin, [email protected]

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