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1 + 1 Media

Company Overview

1+1 Media

The 1+1 media group is one of the largest media holdings in Ukraine, which consists of seven owned TV channels (a flagship 1+1, a male-focused 2+2, an entertainment-oriented TET, a children-focused PLUSPLUS, as well as the niche channels – Bigudi, 1+1 International and UNIAN TV), and of two partner channels (Kvartal TV and Paramount Comedy). Also, the media holding includes online news site, Hlavred online news site and UNIAN News Agency, its own production subdivisions, Kyivstar TV and Viasat partner platforms, its own 1+1 video platform, and 1+1 media school educational project.

The 1+1 TV channel is a trendsetter of Ukraine’s TV market. 1+1 was the first channel to initiate the era of Ukrainian-language television, production of original TV series and creation of incredible TV shows. In fact, the 1+1 TV channel is a founder of modern entertainment television content in Ukraine.


Address: 23 Kyrylivska Street
Phone: +38 (044) 490 0101
E-mail: [email protected]


Maksym Kryvytskyi

Head of TV business, 1+1 media and general producer
1+1 TV channel
[email protected]

Inna Filippova

Head of sales of programming rights
1+1 media
[email protected]

Olga Slisarenko

Chief producer of entertainment shows
1+1 TV channel
[email protected]