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Genres: Entertainment, Reality

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50

70+/90 minutes

Blind Wedding is the only Ukrainian TV project whose participants can become a real newly-formed family in a week. In the seventh season of the reality show, successful men and women will make a confident step towards love. They overcame challenges on the way to a brilliant career, defended their doctoral dissertations, but did not find the main thing – their soul mate. Practising psychologist Iryna Kyrychenko and life coach Daniel Salem will now help the lonely heroes of the project find love. Iryna will “scan” the participants of the reality show and reveal the true reasons for their relationship failures. And Daniel will become the best motivator and strict critic for the heroes and viewers, help them shed their inhibitions and get rid of the “ghosts” of the past. Some participants will be “cured” from low self-esteem, while others – from the overly high one.

Head of Programming Rights at Sales Department: Inna Filippova, [email protected]

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