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Director: Vladlena Sandu

Producer: Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov

Writer: Vladlena Sandu, Nikita Ikonnikov

Cast: Lena Tronina, Polina Kutepova, Roman Vasiliev, Oleg Vasilkov

Genres: Drama


1-2-3 Production
8 episodes by 45 minutes

Police find four naked female bodies in the refrigerator truck on the border of Finland. The identities of the girls are yet to be found, but each of the victims share the same neck tattoo that resembles a house… Three years later in Moscow the police arrests Valeria Mazyane, Russian orphaned young girl and a recent Islam convert who lives in local Kyrgyz immigrant community. Detective suspects Veleria had killed her husband’s brother. As the investigation unfolds it turns out Valeria is not an orphan and her past is not less mysterious than her husband’s brother murder. Valeria is carefully hiding under her wedding hijab a tattoo of a house…

The presumption of innocence is a luxury beyond the means of most immigrants. This crime story demonstrates that every story of survival is unique. Both the director of the series, Vladlena Sandu, who fled the Chechen War to become a filmmaker in Moscow, and the lead actress, Elena Tronina, who immigrated first from Kazakhstan to Russia and later to Germany , electrify the project with their own personal experiences of the main themes- immigration and identity - giving it an extraordinary relevance to Europe. Viewers will follow a twisting labyrinth of an investigation to make their own judgement about who the ultimate victim really is.

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