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Scandi trio merge into studio group

The Scandinavian Content Group team. Back L to R: Bo Wahlberg, Tina Kindblom, Borje Hansson, Alexander Eriksson, Hans Engholm. Front: Gunnar Bergvall, Paolo Vacirca, Lise Bergvall

Three Scandinavian prodcos are merging to form a new producer of film and TV drama, led by the former CEO of ITV Studios Nordic and the co-founder of Swedish commercial network TV4.

Swedish outfits Bright Pictures, The Broadcast Family and We and The Monkeys are all coming together to form The Scandinavian Content Group.

Hans Engholm, the former CEO of ITV Studios Nordic, will lead the new group as MD. Gunnar Bergvall, co-founder of TV4, has been named chairman of the board.

Producer Borje Hansson, from Bright Pictures, will be the new entity’s first head of drama. He brings to the table a background in film production, having been the producer and director of the first 24 Beck films.

In 1988, Hansson founded Filmlance, today Sweden’s largest producer of television drama.

Engholm, who was previously with We and The Monkeys, was executive producer at TV4 and founder of Eyeworks Sweden, as well as heading ITV Studios Nordic.

Technical director and producer Alexander Eriksson (The Broadcast Family) was instrumental in setting up TV4’s studios, whose start-up productions included Idol, Big Brother, Farmen, Jeopardy and Survivor.

Engholm said: “Although Scandinavian Content Group has a brief history, our partners together have a long and successful career in founding and running numerous important companies.”


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