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S4C prepares for another Transformation

Operation Transformation helps people improve their mental and physical health

Welsh public broadcaster S4C has ordered a second season of Operation Transformation, the multimedia event format from Irish broadcaster RTÉ.

The 8×60′ second season is being produced for S4C by Welsh production company Cwmni Da and will start airing April 2 at 20.00.

The show, from RTÉ Programme Sales and Vision Independent Productions (VIP), sees a fitness instructor, dietician and psychologist help five people known as ‘leaders,’ to turn around their mental and physical health.

Content is also available on radio and online, with an app providing details of the various diet and exercise techniques to allow viewers to pick their favourite leader and follow their regime.

The format has been on air since 2007 and has just finished its 12th season on RTÉ One, where the show’s finale attracted 409,000 viewers, representing a 35% share.

S4C recently debuted a Welsh-language remake of fellow VIP quiz format Division. The show, which debuted on RTÉ in 2013, sees contestants split into two groups, who must then decide who should answer a series of questions.


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