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Russia’s NTV gets Justice with format

The original Israeli version of Street Justice

Russian broadcaster NTV has commissioned a local version of an Israeli police drama.

Gazprom Media-owned KIT Film Studios is producing an 11-part version of Street Justice, which features a hot-headed police detective who blurs the lines between legality and justice.

The original Israeli series aired on Channel 10 and was created by Artza Productions, Amir Mann, Dafna Prenner and Shai Eines.

The format is distributed ITV Studios-owned Armoza Formats, which secured the commission from NTV.

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, said: “We are thrilled that our friends at NTV and KIT Film Studio are adapting the highly acclaimed Israeli drama Street Justice for Russian audiences. With its character-based premise of the rule-breaking hero, this crime drama is full of suspense and intrigue, providing a strong pull for viewers.”




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