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Register for the Romulus World Premiere


The world premiere of Romulus will take place on C21 Digital Screenings on Monday September 14 from 10am.

This exclusive screening will take place within a secure environment which requires registration and authentication to view the show.

Please complete the form below to be approved to screen.

Imbued with history, myth and revolution, Romulus is a hyper-realistic, ambitious drama that meticulously reconstructs an epic tale of the genesis of Rome, as never told before.

In eighth century BC, along the banks of the Tiber, a primitive and brutal world exists, where a man’s fate is decided by the merciless power of nature and the gods. Romulus is the story of this world as seen through the eyes of three people marked by death, loneliness and violence. As these men and women learn how to shape their own destinies instead of passively suffering the whims of fate, a ferocious and protective female figure leads the formation of a new society – laying the foundations for one of the greatest Empires ever.

Andrea Arcangeli (Trust, Domani è un altro giorno, Il tempo instabile)
Marianna Fontana (Indivisible, Capri-Revolution)
Francesco Di Napoli (Piranhas)
Giovanni Buselli (Gomorrah, Thou Shalt Not Kill, My Brilliant Friend)

Director and Series Creator: Matteo Rovere (Romulus & Remus: The First King, Italian Race)
Directors: Michele Alhaique (Thou Shalt Not Kill, Solo, Without Pity) and Enrico Maria Artale (Sanctuary, My Bow Breathing, The Third Half)
Writers: Filippo Gravino (Gomorrah, Fiore, Italian Race), Guido Iuculano (Alaska, A Quiet Life, i Liceali) and Matteo Rovere

Series 1: 10 x 60 mins
Cattleya and Groenlandia for Sky Studios