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Reshet content head steps down

Erez Ben Harush, the long-serving content exec at Israeli broadcaster Reshet, has decided to leave the company after almost a decade.

Erez Ben Harush

Ben Harush, who is currently VP of content at Reshet, will stand down later this year following the launch of the latest season of Big Brother (known locally as HaAh HaGadol), which moved to the broadcaster’s new commercial channel Reshet 13 earlier in 2018 from Channel 2.

Last November, Reshet and fellow Israeli broadcaster Keshet launched 24/7 services on separate channels, having previously shared airtime on Channel 2.

The exec, who spent eight years at Reshet, is leaving to take on new challenges, according to an announcement from the broadcaster today.

Reshet CEO Avi Zvi said: “I would like to thank Erez Ben Harush for the time he gave to the company and for the times yet to come. Erez built and led Reshet’s content department to unprecedented achievements – through both challenging times and great success, and especially through the transfer to channel 13 and a seven-day broadcasting schedule.”

Ben Harush added: “I would like to thank Avi Zvi for the great opportunity given to me to manage Reshet’s content department over the past few years to build a content foundation based on the world’s largest brands and to create international-level television with some of Israel’s leading talents.

“I would also like to thank the talented content and production staff and crew with which I had the pleasure of working, for all past achievements and for those yet to come.

Last year, the broadcaster’s international head Sharon Gelbaum-Shpan left to take up a role at tech outfit Applicaster.








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