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Raúl Carbó Perea

Raúl Carbó Perea
Founder and CEO
In Efecto Atlantis
Spain (Canary Islands)
Pitching: Bertie’s Brainwaves

What is the biggest issue facing the animation industry right now?
There’s huge demand from channels and platforms for original content. As a studio, we must still deliver the maximum quality we can on each shot and thus look for the most talented artists. Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges.

What is your company doing in response to this?
As a company based in France and the Canary Islands, we offer our employees and artists an adventure more than just a project, becoming part of a team and sharing a vision of the project, not just executing but taking part in the creative process.

How do you see the rise of the metaverse impacting animation?
The rise of the metaverse is a new, exciting and weird thing! It looks like sci-fi happening in real life and along with real-time rendering is going to entirely change the game. We’re not only talking anymore about video games or cinematics or films or series – it’s about people taking part in the adventure and deciding what’s going to happen in the script. It’s totally new and again, super exciting.

How do you work with YouTube Kids and is it a platform that supports high-quality animation producers?
Right now we don’t work with YouTube Kids but I hope we will!

Tell us about the project you are pitching at Cartoon Forum.
Bertie’s Brainwaves (52×11’) explores the power of imagination in a simple and playful way. The project has been developed by Flickerpix in the UK and we are delighted to be part of it. When talking with Flickerpix, we totally fell in love with the clay stop-motion style, as we’ve been playing with this kind of hybrid mix for a while at In Efecto Atlantis. Full CG is interesting but mixing practical sets, clay, CG and 2D is really fun and brings another look and feel to a project. Bertie’s Brainwaves tells funny and creative stories in an interesting visual way and is based on the Dirty Bertie books.


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